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At Villa Blu your holiday will have a added value
design your life with Birgit

Birgit Wagner

I often recommend my clients to move out of their comfort zone, take a risk or do something crazy. This is not just theory, but also practice that I live.

My current project – Villa Blu – is the best example of this.

You spend your most precious time of the year, your vacation, in one of the most beautiful spots in Carinthia - Lake Klopein. In this place of power, I not only want to pamper you as a guest, but also inspire you as a designer and trainer.

Escape the everyday carousel of thoughts. Create new awareness of your own skills and needs. With professional support, find future-oriented solutions that bring about lasting, positive changes. Gain new strength.

So simple, so effective!

Special offer: €90/hour

Birgit Wagner: Xing* & LinkedIn*

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