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In order for the soul to go on vacation, it needs relaxation and experience, exercise and

Encounter as well as creativity and contact.

She finds all of that here. Swimming in the beautiful water, looking at the clouds on the beach, enjoying nature and moving your body by hiking or cycling, discovering magical places on excursions.

Bring body and mind into harmony through creative engagement with yourself and inspiring exchanges with interesting people.


We have put together a wide program for your soul holiday at Villa Blu:

  • design your life with Birgit

  • enjoyable fasting with Sybille Mikulla

  • forest bathing with a trained nature coach

  • creative workshops

  • concert specials and events



for the


Read a book in peace, watch the sunlight dance across the water, swim in clear water and let the clean air flow through your body.

You will find leisure especially at the lake, especially in the morning and evening hours...

Light, peace and healthy food caress the soul.

Wildensteiner Wasserfall.jpg


Visit interesting places with a certain magic and save the pictures so that you can take your beautiful memories home with you. Such places are, for example, the stalactite caves of Griffen and Olbir or Schlossberg Burgstadl. You can also find special places around the lake and in the surrounding forests...

movement & encounter

Would you like to exercise, but can't bring yourself to do it on your own?

Then lace up your hiking boots and explore the beauty of the landscape with our trainer and like-minded guests - on foot or by bike.

Blooming meadows, rolling hills, quiet forests, babbling streams,will be sharedthe intensive experience of nature for an unforgettable holiday.



creativity and contact

The most diverse characters and people meet at Villa Blu. This stimulates the mind to think imaginatively and unconventionally. 

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