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Villa Blu

In July 2021 my husband Christian and I spend a short vacation in St. Kanzian, the birthday present

for my mother-in-law Luise. On the way to the lake we walk past this beautiful blue "Haus Besch"

every day, which is obviously uninhabited.

Every day my curiosity grows and I secretly dreamed about what it would be like to live in this house. However, my husband has little understanding for my "crazy things", which does not stop me from researching. I find out that the owners, Helga and Aribert Besch, live in Turkey during the winter. The last time they hosted guests was in summer 2020.

Back in Munich, I contacted the family immediately and email correspondence developed between us. I found out that they were not allowed to enter Austria due to the Corona regulations in 2021 and therefore could not rent out either. They actually toyed with the idea of stepping down a little and selling the house for reasons of age.

In this moment I realized: this can't be a coincidence!

The Besch couple only want to leave the house in good hands, with the certainty that it will continue to be managed in their interest. I am now firmly convinced that we are about to begin a great adventure. We arrange a meeting in St. Kanzian to get to know each other personally.

In October, the time has finally come: We set off again with our son David on the trip to Lake Klopeiner See. When Helga and Aribert open the door of their piece of jewellery, it's all over us! The two are so sweet, cosmopolitan and honest that we immediately take them to our hearts. They proudly present their Villa Kunterbunt to us, and that's not an understatement: green doors, yellow walls, patterned curtains in 70s design, colorful carpets on the floor, on the walls...admittedly not our style! The house is totally nested, there are many small rooms, the bathrooms are tiny.

They tell us in passing that our neighbors on the right are also called "Wagner" and that "Ferienhäusle Birgit" is on the left of Haus Besch. We can't believe it, such an incredible coincidence: Birgit on the left, Wagner on the right and in the middle "Birgit Wagner"!!!

At least now my decision has been made: Birgit Wagner goes Carinthia!

I am ready for my new job as a passionate hostess and an exciting summer at Lake Klopeiner See, in the midst of dear guests who are looking for peace and relaxation here.

Our dream comes true, "Haus Besch" becomes "Villa Blu".

in Carinthia

The hostess
at Villa Blu
Birgit Wagner

I'm actually from Munich, but as I said in the story above, I'm now a passionate landlady of private rooms at Villa Blu on Lake Klopeiner See. I am a person of the heart, inspiring spirit, initiator, artist, owner of a café in Munich, business coach & trainer, costume and fashion designer.

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