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Enjoyable fasting and hiking
May 26th to June 2nd &
September 15th to 22nd

Alkaline fasting is a mild form of fasting in which you consume purely alkaline foods. Despite eating, there is a thorough cleansing and detoxifying effect. The meals consist of vegetables, herbs, salads, potatoes, fruit, sprouts and a few alkaline foods. Hikes in nature and swimming in the lake ensure plenty of exercise. A freely chosen period of giving up old eating habits offers us the chance to return to our own source and look at life in a new way.

  • Am I still on the path that I took - perhaps a long time ago?

  • Are there talents in me that want to be kissed awake as if from a Sleeping Beauty sleep?

Here is an overview of the Lenten week:

  • Alkaline pleasure fasting with sensitive fasting support

  • Enrichment through exchange of experiences in the group.

  • Nutritional training, information about whole foods and acid-base balance.

  • Practical tips to make it easier to implement your newfound experiences in everyday life.

  • Daily morning walks and hikes in inspiring nature; Swimming in Lake Klopein; Chi Gong, meditations and vision journeys

  • Healing singing (also suitable for non-singers)

  • Time for you & silence

Arrival: Sunday, May 26th, 2024 and September 15th from 1 p.m., start at 5 p.m
Departure: Sunday, June 2nd, 2024 and September 22nd, around 11 a.m

Booking the overnight stay including alkaline fasting meals from €399 in a single room with shower/toilet, depending on the room category, via the contact form (see below) or

Prices for accommodation & meals
Double room “Auszeit” with balcony 1 person 399 €
Double room “Summer Dream” with terrace 1 person €499, 2 people €799
Double room “Harmony” with terrace: 1 person €499, 2 people €799
Double room “Romantic” with winter garden: 1 person €599, 2 people €999
Double room “Paradise” with winter garden: 1 person €599, 2 people €999
Feel-good suite with pavilion: 1 person €549, 2 people €899

Fasting accompaniment

€350 per person

Register for the course with Sybille Mikula * Dammweg 2 * 9150 Bleiburg*
+43 699 1169 1798

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