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Amorphe Luftballons

design your life

Everything should be better – but how? Let's find out!

Imagine standing in front of the mirror in the evening and feeling really

proud of yourself! Proud because you have had a day when

  • you had a positive view of your abilities and successes

  • you have discovered what is really important to you

  • you have a clear goal in mind

Do you wish you had a moment like this at the end of your vacation day?

Then log in and start the journey into your new future!

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Früchte und Gemüse

enjoyment fasting weeks 2024
may 26th - june 2nd /

15th - 22nd september

Fasting gives us emptiness, silence, calm.

Three qualities that we absolutely need in these hectic times if we want to become or stay healthy in body, mind and soul.

Alkaline fasting is a time-limited treatment in which only fruit and vegetables are served for a week. In doing so, you relieve your body and get to know completely new worlds of taste.

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Wildensteiner Wasserfall (2).jpg

nature coaching

Nature coaching is a journey or rather process support. You will learn that everything you need for a fulfilling life is within you.

The power and wisdom of nature helps us with this. You learn to reflect yourself in nature, get answers to your questions and feel yourself in the elements.

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konzerte bild8.jpg

musical event trip
to Lake Klopein

Combine your concert visit with a short trip to Lake Klopein and come back from your vacation with a song on your lips.

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events at Lake Klopein

Here you will find an overview of the 2024 events in the region around Lake Klopein and in the immediate vicinity of Villa Blu.

Combine the event with a few relaxing days of vacation and let us serve you.

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